Small Earthquake Measured in New Madrid Fault
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MAYNARD, AR - A small earthquake took place Friday evening just south of the Missouri-Arkansas state line. 

The US Geological Survey says the seismic activity happened at 6:18 pm and was centered about 4 miles east of Maynard, Arkansas. That's about 6 miles south of the state line and about 24 miles from Doniphan, Missouri.

The quake measured 2.3 on the Richter scale and was about 8.5 miles beneath the surface of the earth. 

Nobody at the USGS website has indicated they felt the ground shake. Most quakes of this magnitude are not felt and do not cause damage.

Published 10:58 AM, Saturday Nov. 21, 2020
Updated 02:27 PM, Saturday Nov. 21, 2020



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