Illinois Senate Advances 'Puppy Lemon' Law
SPRINGFIELD, IL - Consumers who buy a new dog or cat only to find out it has a serious disease or ailment would have a new form of recourse under an Illinois Senate proposal.

The Senate Executive Committee voted 8-5 Wednesday in favor of a bill described as a "puppy lemon law."

The legislation would allow people who buy a dog or cat at a pet store to get a replacement or a refund if the animal needs veterinary care for certain illnesses or conditions within 20 days of purchase. The buyer also could seek damages for the cost of veterinary care.

Sen. Dan Kotowski, a Democrat from Park Ridge, says the bill is about consumer protection.

Opponents say it if that's true the legislation should also apply to animal shelters as well.

Published 11:27 PM, Wednesday Apr. 24, 2013
Updated 11:30 PM, Wednesday Apr. 24, 2013

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