Quinn: Legislature Should Examine Millionaires Tax
By The Associated Press
CHICAGO, IL - Illinois governor Pat Quinn says state lawmakers should take a close look at a plan to tax the state's millionaires.

House Speaker Michael Madigan introduced a constitutional amendment to add a 3 percent surcharge onto incomes over $1 million. He says it will raise an estimated $1 billion annually for schools. A House committee approved the plan Thursday.

Quinn told reporters in Chicago on Thursday that voters should have final say. He didn't say outright that he supports it. But the governor does say he's happy to hear it passed through committee and legislators have a "good opportunity'' to examine it.

Republicans say the tax is unfair.

The issue could come up in Quinn's re-election bid against Republican businessman Bruce Rauner. Quinn already has alluded to Rauner's wealth in campaign ads. 

Published 05:05 PM, Thursday Mar. 27, 2014
Updated 03:12 PM, Friday Mar. 28, 2014

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