As Cases Surge, Beshear Warns of Further Action
By The Associated Press, West Kentucky Star
FRANKFORT - Gov. Andy Beshear warned that if cases continued to surge in the next couple of days, his administration will have to take additional steps to slow the spread of the coronavirus. 

Beshear added that the specific type of action would not be similar to what occurred in March and April. 

He said, "Today, we're talking about where this virus is; tomorrow, we're going to share some modeling about where we think it's going; and then on Wednesday, if we don't see a change in the numbers, we'll talk about some additional steps that we may have to take to try to get this virus under control."

Beshear continued, "If we have to take additional steps, it will not look like what we went through in March, in April and into May. At that time, we did not have enough testing; we had almost no PPE to protect those in hospitals; we didn't know the most effective ways to treat this virus so the mortality rate was through the roof; and we didn't know as much about the spread. If we have to take additional steps, they will be more targeted."

Kentucky reported 1,514 new coronavirus cases Monday, the highest number of cases on a Monday for the state since the pandemic began. There have also been three additional virus-related deaths in the state, raising the total to 1,664.  The new deaths include a 66-year-old woman from Graves County.

Kentucky’s test positivity rate is 8.98%, up 1.5 percentage points from last week.

You can see Beshear's full update below.


Published 03:44 PM, Monday Nov. 16, 2020
Updated 01:39 PM, Tuesday Nov. 17, 2020



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