Beshear Signs Bipartisan Early Voting Measure
By The Associated Press
FRANKFORT - On Wednesday Gov. Andy Beshear signed legislation to increase early voting in Kentucky. 

It caps a rare display of bipartisan cooperation at a time of national conflict over restrictive election measures. 

The Democratic governor called it "a good day for democracy." He was joined at Wednesday's signing ceremony by the bill's GOP sponsors and Republican secretary of state Michael Adams. 

On Wednesday, Adams thanked Beshear for signing the measure.

"Last year, Governor Beshear and I worked across party lines to accommodate our election process to the pandemic, and we had the most secure and successful election we've ever seen," Adams said. "This year, the General Assembly has followed suit, working across party lines to enact the most significant reform of our election system since 1891. This is a triumph of both policy and process."

Adams continued, "I'm grateful to Governor Beshear for signing this bill, which will make our elections both more accessible and more secure at the same time. While other states are caught up in partisan division, Kentucky is leading the nation in making it both easier to vote and harder to cheat." 

The measure gives Kentucky voters three days of no-excuse, early in-person voting before Election Day. It also allows counties to establish voting centers where any registered voter in each county can cast their ballot, regardless of their precinct.

Published 12:18 PM, Wednesday Apr. 07, 2021
Updated 09:27 PM, Wednesday Apr. 07, 2021



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