Beshear Signs One-Time Unemployment Relief Program
By West Kentucky Star Staff
FRANKFORT - Gov. Andy Beshear on Tuesday announced more than 3,000 additional cases of COVID-19 and shared more details on the state's unemployment one-time relief payment program.

Beshear signed an executive order on Tuesday creating the Unemployment One-Time Relief Payment Program. The program will be administered by the Office of Unemployment Insurance (OUI) and funded by Coronavirus Relief Fund money for up to $48 million.

The program will provide one-time supplemental payments to claimants who meet certain conditions.

A one-time payment of $400 is available for claimants who would have qualified for the 2020 FEMA Lost Wages Assistance program except that their weekly benefit amount was less than $100 and for those who had an approved claim in November and December 2020 but a weekly benefit amount of less than $176.

A one-time payment of $1,000 is available for claimants under any OUI program between March 4 and October 31, 2020 whose identities were verified and there was no indication of fraud, but whose claims were not yet adjudicated and paid.

"For those who were able to file a claim, we want to help these people until we can get to their claims," said Beshear. "And we want to help the people who were working regular, full-time jobs before this crisis but still didn't make enough to qualify for Lost Wages Assistance when they lost their jobs."

Beshear announced 3,053 cases of the virus on Tuesday and 22 additional deaths.

The positivity rate is currently 12.23%.

Published 02:57 PM, Tuesday Jan. 12, 2021
Updated 07:43 AM, Wednesday Jan. 13, 2021



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