Beshear's Family 'Doing Great' In Quarantine
By West Kentucky Star Staff
FRANKFORT - On Monday afternoon, Governor Andy Beshear gave Kentuckians an update on COVID-19 cases and his family.

Beshear's message was delivered remotely from the Governor's mansion, since he and his family are quarantined. They were potentially exposed to the virus on Saturday through a member of the Governor's security detail.

The family has been tested and will be tested regularly, nobody has tested positive, and they continue to feel well. 

"We're doing great. I'm feeling great, my family feels great. We are trying to be really positive about this situation," the Governor said. "We've decided we're going to try to make the most of the extra family time we have. We want to thank everybody who has sent their well wishes, not just for my health but also for the member of my security detail who tested positive. We're all trying to do our best to get through this together."

Monday's case total was 642, the highest number ever for a Monday. Among children 18 and under, there were 94 cases of the virus.

"Remember, Sundays and Mondays usually have fewer cases than most of the rest of the week, because of the lab schedules," the Governor said. "We've got to do better. We've got to make sure we're following these safety practices and we've got to spread out the number of contacts we have in any given day and any given week."

Three new deaths were reported: a 79-year-old man from Boyd County, a 67-year-old woman from Fayette County, and a 61-year-old man from Grayson County.

The positivity rate was 4.37 percent. 

Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman provided an update Monday on the Team Kentucky Fund, which has provided more than $1 million to Kentuckians in need during the pandemic.

"This money is a lifesaver for our friends, family members and neighbors in every county in Kentucky," the Lieutenant Governor said. "I applaud the generosity of so many Kentuckians who have given to the Team Kentucky Fund. You are displaying the Team Kentucky spirit during uncertain times."

She said that, so far, 1,308 households have been helped by the fund, with the average assistance to each household being $781. Nearly two-thirds, or $675,000, has helped Kentuckians pay rent or mortgage payments. Other major areas of funding include: more than $150,000 for groceries, more than $132,000 for electric bills, more than $43,000 for natural gas, sewage, propane and waste.

Those who have been financially harmed by COVID-19 can visit to apply for funding.

"We still have a need for applications, particularly in many rural areas of the state," Lt. Gov. Coleman said.

Those wishing to donate to the Team Kentucky Fund can visit to give. Each gift is tax deductible and 100% goes directly to Kentuckians.

Published 06:48 PM, Monday Oct. 12, 2020
Updated 06:25 AM, Tuesday Oct. 13, 2020



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