Committee Passes Watkins' Conceal-Carry Bill
By WestKentuckyStar Staff
FRANKFORT, KY - A bill written by Rep. Gerald Watkins designed to help protect potential victims of violence has passed through a committee.

Kentucky House Bill 351 would allow someone under the protection of an emergency protective order or domestic violence order to carry a concealed firearm for 120 days (or for the duration of the protective order) without having to receive a CCDW license. It passed the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday with favorable expression, and now heads to the full House for consideration.

Watkins explained the bill to the committee Wednesday, saying, "What it basically does is allows petitioners of emergency protective orders or domestic violence orders to use their protective order as a temporary conceal and carry permit under certain conditions."

Watkins is from House District 3 in McCracken County.

Published 06:55 PM, Wednesday Feb. 12, 2014
Updated 08:24 AM, Thursday Feb. 13, 2014

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