Historical Horse Racing Bill Signed Into Law
By The Associated Press
FRANKFORT - Kentucky’s governor has signed legislation aimed at securing the legality of betting on historical racing machines.

The slots-style historical racing machines allow people to bet on randomly generated, past horse races.

The venture has become a lucrative revenue source for the state’s racetracks. The horse racing industry championed the legislation after the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled last year that such machines do not constitute legal pari-mutuel racing. Proponents argued that the closure of tracks' HHR facilities would devastate the industry and lead to massive job losses.

Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday that the measure protects the state's thoroughbred industry.

But he says more work remains to enact “a more fair and equitable tax structure.” His comments reflect calls by some lawmakers for a higher tax rate on historical racing operations.

Published 08:00 AM, Tuesday Feb. 23, 2021
Updated 08:04 PM, Tuesday Feb. 23, 2021



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