KY Campground Closes after Bears Sighted
LONDON, KY - Daniel Boone National Forest officials say a second campground in the forest has been closed after a black bear encounter.
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources officials are trying to move the bears from the campgrounds, which will remain closed until the animals are captured and moved or until it's determined the bears have moved outside the campgrounds.
Holly Bay Campground at Laurel River Lake was closed Saturday after a bear approached campers and raided a cooler for food. Great Meadows Campground in McCreary County was also closed Saturday after a bear closely approached visitors. Hemlock Grove was temporarily closed Sunday but reopened Monday.
Experts say the drought has dried up the bear's natural food supply, causing the animals to roam in search of nourishment.

Published 05:23 PM, Monday Jul. 30, 2012
Updated 01:30 AM, Tuesday Jul. 31, 2012