KY Continues to See Exponential COVID-19 Growth
By West Kentucky Star Staff
FRANKFORT - On Monday, Governor Andy Beshear pleaded with Kentuckians to follow his COVID-19 restrictions and guidance.

"Day in and day out, our health care workers are doing what it takes. So day in and day out, we have to, too. Think about their sacrifice, every day going into a unit where they could contract this virus that they see people die from," said Gov. Beshear. "What about our sacrifice? Over these coming months until we get to a vaccine, are we willing to step up for them and for each other, to make sure we can all get through this?"

He continued, "We are at war. They are on the front lines and they are our only line. I will not abandon them. I will stand with them and I will make the difficult decisions it takes to make sure that our health care system can ultimately help everybody who needs it."

According to Beshear, if Kentuckians do not act now to control the outbreak, Kentucky will experience the "alarming current reality" that other states' are experiencing.

Beshear reported 2,135 new cases and 5 new deaths. The deaths include two men, ages 85 and 88 in McCracken County.

Kentucky's positivity rate is currently 8.97 percent.

Beshear said that McCracken County is one of the counties with the most positive cases on Monday.

You can see Beshear's full update below.

Published 02:50 PM, Monday Nov. 23, 2020
Updated 07:37 AM, Tuesday Nov. 24, 2020



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