KY Soldier Surprises Family at Football Game
BROOKSVILLE, KY - A soldier who just returned to his hometown surprised his family by dressing up as a Kentucky high school football team's mascot.

WKYT-TV reports that Specialist Justin May put on a polar bear costume before a game featuring the Bracken County High School football team Friday night in Brooksville.

May, who also was wearing combat boots, was standing feet from his brother Ryan, a football player, and his father Ronald, a team assistant coach, during the coin toss.

After the coin toss, May took off the mascot's head and turned to his father, hugging him. His brother ran up to them and joined the hug.

Ronald May says he is glad to see his son home safe. Justin May had been gone 11 months, spending nine in Afghanistan.

Published 03:30 PM, Sunday Sep. 29, 2013
Updated 10:20 PM, Sunday Sep. 29, 2013

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