Osborne May Not Seat Democrat Who Won by One Vote
By The Associated Press
FRANKFORT - A Democrat elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives by one vote is demanding that the Republican-controlled legislature seat him when lawmakers convene in January.
But incoming Republican House Speaker David Osborne would not commit to seating Jim Glenn when lawmakers return to Frankfort, setting up a potential clash in the first week of the legislative session.
Glenn defeated Republican state Rep. DJ Johnson by one vote in House District 13. Johnson has contested the election, asking the House of Representatives to conduct a recount. Friday, Glenn's attorney filed a document with the House clerk demanding the Republican leadership confirm it will seat Glenn.
Osborne said he would only commit to following the Constitution, rules and precedent in a fair manner.

Published 09:29 PM, Friday Dec. 07, 2018
Updated 08:14 PM, Friday Dec. 07, 2018

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