Lake Barkley Bridge Demolition Complete
By Conner Morgan- West Kentucky Star Staff
CANTON, KY - The Henry R. Lawrence Memorial Bridge, also known as the old Lake Barkley Bridge, stands no more.

At 7:19 am Wednesday morning, demolition crews gave the okay for Alana Baker Dunn to press the button to destroy the bridge.

She told WKDZ radio that one word could explain her experience; "Overwhelming, to know you are the one who put this all in to motion."

Alana's Mom, Mary Beth Baker, won the right to press the button at the Trigg County Rotary Charity Auction. The winning bid was $16,500.

Baker said, "It's easy to get caught up in the bidding at the auction with everything going on, but when you look back and see that this money is going to help the youth and elderly in Trigg County, it makes it all worth it. That's what it is all about." 

The bridge had been standing since it first opened in 1932. The bridge was closed in February when traffic shifted to the new four-lane bridge. 

Traffic on the new bridge was halted around 7 am to make way for the coming explosion, and it reopened by 8 am.

Kentucky Department of Transportation spokesperson Keith Todd told West Kentucky Star that everything went well throughout the blast, and that in the next 24 hours they should be able to have all steel and debris out of the channel.

Representatives from Dyno-Nobel in eastern Kentucky placed seismic sensors on the new bridge to monitor the effect of the blast. Those results will be known in the coming days.

Todd also said that four-lane traffic on the bridge should begin sometime before the end of the year, weather permitting.


Published 01:00 PM, Wednesday Apr. 11, 2018
Updated 12:13 PM, Thursday Apr. 12, 2018

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