Some Roads Reopened As Floodwaters Recede
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KY - Over the weekend the Ohio River began to recede, and backwaters are gradually pulling back off of some flooded roads. Here is an updated list of state roads still covered by water as of 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, and some recently reopened roads: 

Crittenden County
KY 91 @ 11.26mm- Cave-in-Rock Ferry CLOSED 
KY 135 now OPEN
KY 1917/Wolf Creek Rd is CLOSED at the 1.5mm
KY 132 is CLOSED at the Tradewater River Bridge at the Crittenden-Webster County Line

Fulton County
KY 1129/Adams Rd is CLOSED at the 5 to 9mm
KY 1129 is CLOSED south of KY 94
KY 1907/Swamp Root Rd is CLOSED in Willingham Bottom
KY 2140 Is CLOSED between KY 1129 and KY 94
The Dorena-Hickman Ferry is CLOSED 

Graves County
KY 2194 is CLOSED at the 1 to 2 mm 
KY 849 is CLOSED at 2mm just east of Lowes 

Hickman County
KY 123 is CLOSED between the 14 and 16mm 

Livingston County
KY 133 is CLOSED near the KY 137 intersection at Berrys Ferry
KY 137/River Rd is CLOSED from near US 60 northward to 15mm at KY 133 
KY 137 has High Water signs posted at the 19.5
KY 917 is CLOSED at 7 mm
KY 917 has High Water signs posted at the 3 to 4mm
KY 70 is CLOSED at the 0 to 11.36mm
KY 453/Iuka Road is OPEN with Water Over Road signs posted just south of Smithland

Lyon County
KY 819/Sunshine Loop is CLOSED at the 2 to 3mm 

McCracken County
KY 284/Old Benton Road is OPEN at 3mm near Reidland
KY 1255/Bonds Road is CLOSED between the 1 and 2mm 
KY 787/Bryant Ford is CLOSED at the McCracken-Marshall County Line
KY 131/Said Rd is OPEN at the McCracken-Graves Line
KY 348 has High Water signs posted at the McCracken-Graves Line
KY 450/Oaks Road has High Water signs posted near the Bonds Rd intersection
KY 1420/Noble Rd is CLOSED at the 4 to 5mm
KY 1954/Husbands Rd is CLOSED between Krebs Station Rd and Clarkline Rd
KY 1565 has High Water signs posted between US 60 and KY 348
KY 3075/Lydon Rd is CLOSED at the 0-1mm

Published 11:52 AM, Tuesday Mar. 13, 2018
Updated 08:42 PM, Tuesday Mar. 13, 2018

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