Mowing Crews Still Working Along State Highways
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY - Drivers are asked to be on alert for mowing crews on the move along highways across the region. They have been working in most counties for about two weeks now, but Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials say work has been slow-going.

Heavy rain early in the year caused roadside vegetation to explode in early July and created a challenge for mowing crews. Continued scattered showers have also hampered progress in some counties. 

It generally takes about a month for crews to cover all 2800 miles of state and federal highways across the 12 counties of KYTC District 1.

Mowing zones will be marked by appropriate signage and should be treated with appropriate caution - slow down, watch for tractors and support vehicles, and be mindful of personnel working close to traffic.
Allowing for typical weather delays, mowing and litter crews will continue to work during daylight hours across the region anytime weather conditions allow for about the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Published 01:48 AM, Monday Aug. 06, 2018
Updated 11:24 AM, Monday Aug. 06, 2018

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