Snow Plows Make Progress Clearing Area Roads
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY - Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Crews across the region made good progress Saturday in efforts to clean snow and ice from area highways. 

Engineers say it has been tough plowing through what amounted to 4 to 7 inches of snow on top of up to an inch of ice across the region.

Ample sunshine throughout the day helped to boost pavement temperatures and reactivate salt and other ice-fighting chemicals. Crews took advantage of the radiant energy and a high in the mid-20s that helped salt spread Friday to slush up roadways and make them easier to plow.

Crews were focused on covering as many road miles as possible before temperatures plummet going into the new week and again reduce the ice melting properties of salt and calcium chloride.  Plus, weather forecasts say an additional 2 inches or more snow could be coming Monday. 

Crews that finish plowing and treating their highways today will start working on restocking county salt stockpiles by hauling from central supply salt domes around the region.

While cutting through ice from Friday’s snow and ice event required more salt than the average snow storm, area salt supplies are still adequate for a normal winter at this point in the season. Engineers will evaluate salt supplies after Monday’s snow event to see if more should be ordered.

As crews wrap up another 16-hour day on the road, engineers are somewhat concerned by the potential for re-freezing Saturday night and Sunday night. Overnight lows are expected to drop to near zero for Monday and Tuesday night, so any residual moisture remaining on highway surfaces will freeze. Temperatures below the mid-teens also means salt and other ice-fighting chemicals will again become less active.

Drivers are reminded that extreme low temps expected in the new week will again require extra precautions. Everyone is urged to carry a winter emergency kit in their car that should include a blanket or extra clothing, water, a flashlight, snacks and other supplies.  Ready.Gov has a good list if items that should be in a car emergency kit.

Officials urge drivers to limit their trips to allow road crews unobstructed access to the roads for plowing. While on the roads, exercise extreme caution, and keep warm clothes and water in your car in case your vehicle is disabled or stuck in the cold weather for any length of time.

Published 04:07 PM, Saturday Jan. 13, 2018
Updated 07:57 PM, Sunday Jan. 14, 2018

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