Two Paducah Intersections to Become Four-Way Stops
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - Two Paducah intersections are set to become all-way stops in the coming weeks.

Paducah Public Information Officer Pam Spencer says Engineering-Public Works crews will be installing stop signs next week that will turn two Paducah intersections into all-way stops. The stop signs will be covered with bags until Monday, November 5.  Signs also will be installed that alert drivers to the new stop signs.
The intersection of North 21st Street and Clay Street will become a four-way stop, as will the intersection of Pecan Drive and Buckner Lane. 

Adding stop signs on North 21st Street is expected to enhance the safety for pedestrians as they use the crosswalks at that intersection which is adjacent to McNabb Elementary School. Adding stop signs on Pecan Drive will assist with the traffic movement on Buckner Drive.

Published 09:19 AM, Friday Oct. 05, 2018
Updated 09:22 AM, Friday Oct. 05, 2018

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