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Accountability. That is what we offer you from the West Kentucky Star. How about running an ad and only paying for those people who actually see it? The internet provides this level of accountability, and we are thrilled to give these tools to business owners and managers. You determine how much exposure your ad will receive.

All you have to do is tell us your limit. Once your ad reaches the number of views you have requested, it is removed. And here's the best part, if we don't reach the number of views you have requested, we will only bill you for what we actually delivered. A refreshing approach, right!

Here’s an example: ABC Company selects the leaderboard ad. They order 100,000 views for the month; at $8.50 per thousand views they project to spend $850. The ad receives 95,226 views during the specified time frame; ABC Company is billed for the views it received. This would make their invoice $809.

Readers for the West Kentucky Star tend to be heavy internet users. According to the more affluent a person is the more time he or she spends with the internet. states, “Those earning over $250,000 spend 60% more time on the Internet than watching television.” The bottom line: the people that are spending time on the internet are a great audience to market to.

If this sounds like the kind of star you would like to catch, call or email us. We will have one of our marketing consultants sit down with you and go over your goals and objectives to make sure we put together just the right program for you.


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