Stay informed with Alerts

Breaking News

Never miss a vital story by staying up-to-date with breaking news as it occurs throughout the day. will keep you abreast on the latest local, regional, state and national breaking news that's important to our community. And you'll stay informed with alerts from our award-winning news department at WKYX.

School Closings

Schools want you to know when students need to stay home and we do too. Our news department stays in contact with all the local area schools to keep parents informed on closings in the community. We'll help you plan your day accordingly by sending an alert the moment information becomes availble to us.

Severe Weather

Tornado warnings, winter weather advisories, heat advisories, flood warnings; the weather may be unpredictable but your safety shouldn't. Be prepared for Mother Nature by receiving messages that aid your plans and provisions. Our news department will disseminate information from the National Weather Service and get it to your Inbox so you can take neccessary precautions.


Accidents can stop traffic to a grinding halt, roads can be under construction and the weather can close bridges and flood streets among a variety of many hazardous conditions. Keep out of harm's way, know which areas to avoid and commute safely to your next destintation by signing up for our traffic alerts. Our traffic reports will help you make safe and sound decisions before you grab the keys.