Mayfield Elementary’s Couch Named March Teacher of the Month

Mayfield Elementary’s Couch Named March Teacher of the Month
By Kristen Amaya
Apr. 17, 2024 | MAYFIELD
By Kristen Amaya Apr. 17, 2024 | 11:57 AM | MAYFIELD
It’s always exciting to award a new Teacher of the Month. Last week we visited Mayfield Elementary and presented Madeline Couch with a certificate and monetary prize courtesy of Scott Walker Construction. Mrs. Couch is a 1st Grade teacher and graduate of Graves County High School.
Mrs. Couch is no stranger to the Mayfield-Graves rivalry! We jokingly asked her about making the transition from one side to the other. She’s definitely fitting right in! As soon as we arrived in her classroom, we knew her first graders were excited to be her students. We also asked some of our other favorite Teacher of the Month questions.
Q: How do you get your class ready for the school day?
A: They have breakfast when they get here and they’re usually pretty pumped up after that so they’re energized and ready to go.
Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of school?
A: My hobbies are usually working out and going to the gym. I like to spend time with my family and my dog. They [the students] know that I love my dog!
Q: Have you brought your dog to school? 
A: No, I haven’t. But my students have seen pictures.
Q: How long do you think you want to teach?
A: For as long as I still love it and I’m enjoying myself. I think as long as I am able to because it’s my purpose.
Q: How do you want your students to remember you?
A: I want them to remember that I was very supportive of them and I was always cheering them on and caring about them.
Q: If you could take your students anywhere on a field trip, where would you go?
A: The beach! It’s my favorite place and some of my students have never been to the beach so I think it would be a good experience for them.
Q: How has technology helped or hurt the classroom?
A: They love technology. We were just getting ready to start some math games on our computers.

Q: How do you show your school spirit?
A: My brothers are in high school, so I go to all of the basketball and football games. I love the Mayfield community!
West Kentucky Star Teacher of the Month, sponsored by Scott Walker Construction, is awarded each month of the school year. As the March winner, Mrs. Couch will join the other Teachers of the Month next summer for West Kentucky Star Teacher of the Year 2023-2024.

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In the picture above: Chris Morgan from Scott Walker Construction and Madeline Couch.

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