WKCTC Film Club Parody Festival Welcomes Entries
By WestKyStar & WKCTC Staff
PADUCAH - West Kentucky Community and Technical College's Film Club is asking for submissions to its 2019 Parody Film Festival.

Anyone who likes to make their own movies is asked to submit their creative work to the festival by April 4.

Movies are to be three to ten minutes long, have no excessive gore, adult content or nudity, and use no copyrighted material or music.

Previously made parody films are acceptable for submission. Movies will be shown at Maiden Alley Cinema on April 11 beginning at 7 pm. 

Winning categories include:
Scariest Nail Biter
Biggest Tearjerker
Most Hilarious
Best Acting Cast
 So Bad It's Good

"Many young people are out there making short films with friends on a cell phone. As a new club at WKCTC, we wanted to create an opportunity for anyone in the community to show their short parody films at the Maiden Alley Cinema," said Jason Donner, WKCTC Film Club advisor. 

"Young fan filmmakers need a chance to showcase their sense of comedy or drama in a way that's not complicated to produce or submit and just have a fun night watching everyone's work on the screen."

Movies must be submitted to by the April 4 deadline.

WKCTC Film Club president Jonathan Bilak can answer questions about the festival. He can also be reached at
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WKCTC Film Club Parody Film Festival

Published 06:00 PM, Monday Mar. 11, 2019
Updated 09:40 PM, Saturday Mar. 09, 2019