MSU to Host Global Languages Showcase in March
By WestKyStar & MSU Staff
MURRAY, KY - More than 350 language students from elementary, middle and high schools across the region will visit Murray State University on March 15 for the annual Global Languages Showcase hosted by the department of global languages and theatre arts.
The Global Languages Showcase is an opportunity to feature students’ developing language and culture skills on the University’s campus. 

Throughout the morning, visiting students will observe and participate in a variety of fun and competitive activities highlighting world languages and cultures. As part of the ongoing competition, students will describe and discuss — in the target languages — the cultural, artistic or historical significance of projects and performances they have prepared for the showcase. An optional “varsity” level for projects also offers a higher level of competition and prestige for top language students.
Additional activities at the showcase include hands-on “Culture Tables,” which allow students to expand their knowledge and appreciation for world cultures and languages. Students are also invited to enjoy performances of classical guitar music, practice Japanese calligraphy and play games involving culture, geography or language skills.
The Global Languages Showcase at Murray State provides opportunities for students and teachers to interact with one another as well as with Murray State students and faculty who serve as directors and judges for the various activities. Visit for more information about the showcase.

Published 06:04 PM, Saturday Feb. 10, 2018
Updated 06:10 PM, Saturday Feb. 10, 2018

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