OPINION: City Leaders Can’t See Forest for Trees
By Gil Arterburn, Paducah Citizen
PADUCAH - There is an old saying about people who get so caught up in the minute details of an issue that they “can't see the forest for the trees”.  This seems a fair diagnosis of our present city government. Three of our Commissioners and the Mayor seem to be so obsessed with making sure that nobody gets offended that they continually trample under foot the rights of good citizens who disagree with them.

For example, seems one Commissioner was triggered by seeing certain historical flags in the Veterans Day Parade several years ago.  As a remedy they outlawed all flags except the American flag. One elderly Vet was told he would be put in jail if he carried any flag other than the one authorized from on high.  I'm not sure if anyone else was offended by seeing certain flags or not but one thing is for sure, many of our proud veterans were denied their right to a whole forest of flags in the name of so called tolerance and diversity. 
The bold divisionary leaders just published their "Strategic Action Plan" boasting their goal of "Celebrating a Diverse Community". Do they mean by diversity all the people they agree with and approve of. Because, seems like every time they have an opportunity to show tolerance to someone whose opinions are truly diverse from theirs (Veterans, General Tilghman, Richard Abraham, citizens refusing to celebrate the sexploitation of our town, dare I mention smokers...) they end up practicing the opposite of what they preach. I hope the Mayor and Commissioners are able to realize that passing ordinances against everything they dislike is not the same as “celebrating diversity”. Since the Veterans Day Parade is back in the news, they have a fine opportunity to show us if they really mean what they say in their Strategic Plan, or not. And, if not, there's an election right around the corner.        

Published 08:30 PM, Thursday Sep. 06, 2018
Updated 08:38 PM, Thursday Sep. 06, 2018

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