AQS QuiltWeek Brought Over $25 Million into Area
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - Officials at the Quilt Show said the economic impact of last month's AQS Spring QuiltWeek was over 25 million dollars.

According to AQS Executive Show Director Bonnie Browning, 30,600 people attended the event, with an overall  impact of $25.5 million, which is in line with previous years. Visitors came from 47 states and 11 countries.

Browning said over the 35 years that Paducah has hosted the annual quilt show and contest, "we've displayed more than 15,000 quilts, and just here in Paducah we've given out $3.2 million in prizes to the contestants, and with all of our shows that we've done in the last 35 years, we've given out $5.8 million in prize money to the quilters."

Based on the various economic impact surveys done over the years, Browning said AQS has had a total impact of $551 million over 35 years in Paducah. 

Browning said this spring's attendance was what they expected, since they can judge how many will be in the area based on registration for classes that are offered.

Browning said, "You know, it's the classes that puts heads in beds and then those people spend more money than someone that just drives to town for the day, but that has a huge impact on this community, and over the five days that most people are in town, that's an impact of $25 million."

AQS is planning a special anniversary celebration during the upcoming Fall Paducah QuiltWeek Show on Sept. 11-14 that will include a presentation of the world’s largest quilt cake created by Mauro Castano of Carlo’s Bakery from the hit TLC Show "Cake Boss." Plus, those who read American Quilter magazine will be able to enter a contest where the winner will get a cake decorating lesson from Castano in his bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Published 05:05 PM, Tuesday May. 14, 2019
Updated 08:19 PM, Wednesday May. 15, 2019

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