Beshear Loosens Restrictions on Funeral Homes
By Easton Sanders
PADUCAH - Under new guidance from Governor Andy Beshear, funeral homes are now allowed to operate at a reduced capacity.

On Wednesday, Beshear announced that his team was loosening restrictions on funeral homes. Milner & Orr Funeral Homes owner, Andrea Orr, says she feels the new guidance is moving things in a positive direction.

"The more support they can get at the time that a loved one passes away, the better it is for them on their grief journey. It's definitely a positive. As a country begins to open up, it only makes sense that a funeral home opens up for that support for families." Orr continued, "We'll continue to clean, we'll continue to wear masks, and we'll continue to monitor the health of our staff. Everything we can do to keep to keep families safe."
Previously funeral homes were offering private services limited to 10 immediate family members. Orr says they would also record the services, and upload them online for anyone unable to attend.

Under the new guidelines, moving forward, funeral homes will be allowed to have in-person services as long as they are operating at one-third capacity. Orr says their Paducah funeral home will be allowed to have approximately 150 people in the building at once. Aside from the capacity restriction, Orr says they will still be encouraging social distancing of at least six feet, and limiting the body contact of family members. Food is off-limits as well.

Although restrictions have been loosened, Orr says they will continue to provide their virtual services, including their mobile visitations and the Hugs from Home program, for those that are at a greater risk.

Orr asks that everyone wear masks when visiting any of their funeral homes, and asks that no one bring food. You can see additional information at the link below.

Published 02:00 PM, Thursday May. 21, 2020
Updated 06:37 AM, Friday May. 22, 2020



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