Bristol Engineer and Family Riding Out Hurricane
By West Kentucky Star Staff
FORT WALTON BEACH, FL - As Hurricane Michael bears down on the Florida panhandle, one vacationing Paducah family is preparing to ride out the storm.

Bristol Broadcasting Engineer Chris Singler and his family are staying at Fort Walton Beach. Forecasters say that area will be spared the full brunt of the powerful category four storm's fury, but Singler says he and his family moved inland to another location as a precaution.

"We are in Fort Walton. We were in Okaloosa Island, which they evacuated out. We're inland a couple miles in Fort Walton now. Actually, in the house of one of our former co-workers which was lucky enough to be vacant and available for us to use, so it's working out well for us." He said.

Singler said they have prepared for the storm, stocking up on supplies.

"We've got power, running water, and everything food wise to eat whether we've got power or not, so we're well provisioned." He said.

Singler said forecasters are anticipating that Fort Walton will only get tropical storm force sustained winds, with gusts up to 75 miles per hour. The storm is predicted to move through the area Wednesday afternoon.

"Basically everything that's east of us is gonna be in much more trouble than we are, but it will still get a little hairy." Singler said, adding that his family is in good spirits despite the less than ideal weather. "It's not necessarily been the most relaxing vacation we've been on," He said.  "But it sure has been an adventurous one."

Published 07:22 AM, Wednesday Oct. 10, 2018
Updated 07:12 AM, Thursday Oct. 11, 2018