Broussard's Lights Up Former Whaler's Catch Corner
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH - The former Whaler's Catch neon sign (that has been in sad shape for over five years) was replaced today by a bright new Broussard's Cajun Cuisine sign. "We are delighted with the prospect of light, life and business in our downtown 2nd and Jefferson block," said Beverly McKinley, adjacent property owner and long-time downtown developer. "The parking lot across the street will once again be filling up with Broussard's customers. We've missed all the old Whaler's Catch patrons coming and going these past few years. In this time when we are challenged with day to day business as usual, this is a welcome and hopeful sight." 

Ro Morse, original owner of Whaler's Catch, said, "It's exciting to see that old sign be restored as a beacon in our downtown. That's a prominent piece of property that has been empty and waiting for someone to appreciate its potential. The sign first belonged to the liquor store at the corner of 13th and Monroe, next to the original site of Whaler's. In 1986, we bought the liquor store for additional dining space and patio, and kept the cool neon sign. We had the panel repainted from saying Liquor to say Whaler's Catch. It's fitting that the Broussard's owners have repurposed it again. Greer Neon Company in Mayfield made the original changes and they were on site today installing the freshly designed new one. It's a great sign and landmark, hard to miss if you are looking for the restaurant."

John Harris bought the restaurant from Morse in 1991. Following a fire on January 1, 1996, at the 13th Street location, Harris moved the restaurant, oyster bar and market to the corner of 2nd and Jefferson. He restored the historic building and reopened Whaler's at its new downtown location later that same year. In 2014, Harris died and his family closed the business. The property was sold in 2019 to the present owner and developers. 

Broussard's plans to open this summer. 


Published 04:12 PM, Thursday May. 14, 2020
Updated 04:52 PM, Friday May. 15, 2020



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