Burglaries Lead to Arrests in Possible Theft Ring
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH, KY - Two burglaries at the same home in Farley led to the arrests of three people on Friday, and more are possible as a possible theft ring is revealed.

McCracken County Sheriff's Department was notified Thursday by a man at 401 Franklin Street that someone had taken firearms, money and other valuables from his home. Investigation revealed a person of interest, a 14-year-old male, who was being sought for questioning.

Just before 1:00 pm Friday, the homeowner stopped by the house on his lunch break and discovered someone had entered the home again. While calling 911, he saw someone leaving his back yard and began following him while still on the phone. The suspect managed to elude the homeowner before deputies arrived, but he was last seen in the area of Woodlawn Mobile Home Park on Meacham Lane.

Deputies and Detectives established a perimeter and searched the park in unmarked vehicles, eventually spotting the juvenile. A search of the trailer at 365 Meacham Lane revealed guns, coins, currency, a small safe, and other valuables from recent burglaries, including one on October 23 at 430 Franklin Street. The owner of the trailer, 20-year-old Josh Wilson, admitted he was holding some of the stolen property for his friend. Wilson and the juvenile were taken into custody.

Detectives had already been investigating the suspected transfer of stolen property from several suspects to the home of 21-year-old Joshua Luna at 836 North 10th Street. Following leads from the investigation in Farley, a search of Luna's home was conducted Friday night, where Detectives found various electronics, tools, and other valuables that were believed to have been stolen.  A quantity of synthetic marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and prescription controlled substances were found. There were other people in the home, but they were not suspected of being involved in the illegal activities. Luna was arrested and taken to McCracken County Jail.

It is suspected that drugs are a motivating or contributing factor to this group of burglars who are allegedly pooling their stolen items. Investigation and surveillance revealed that Luna had transferred some items to a home at 6500 Cairo Road on Friday. That property was also searched, and the items were found under the home.

The 14-year-old juvenile faces one count of burglary 1st degree, and two counts of burglary 2nd degree. Wilson is charged with receiving stolen property over $500. Luna is charged with receiving stolen property valued between $500-$10,000, possession of synthetic marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled substance 1st degree.

This investigation is continuing, with several more persons of interest, and additional arrests are possible.

Published 10:29 AM, Saturday Nov. 17, 2012
Updated 07:50 PM, Monday Nov. 19, 2012