CCA Challenges Students in Leadership, Interaction
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH, KY - The learning environment at Community Christian Academy is unique, since grades K-12 are all on one campus, and the school has recently started a program to foster a family-style atmosphere.

Principal Amy Carrico says the students have been placed in school-wide teams with one student from each grade level participating. 

“I love the idea of students developing relationships across grade levels.  Since most schools are identified solely as elementary, middle, or high school, students are only able to interact on a daily basis with students who are around the same age. This year I wanted to foster an even greater family culture by creating opportunities to foster relationships with students K-12."

Students meet with their team each month, and older students have been placed as team leaders, and are teaching lessons to the younger students based on the school-wide theme, "Love Thy Neighborhood." 

"I love the opportunities that this provides our older students," Carrico stated. "I met with my seniors and juniors and gave them a lesson that they would be “teaching” the following Friday. Then they stepped up and taught. For many of them that was their first time being placed in a leadership position. As I went around the school that day and heard feedback from our teachers, I couldn’t help but be proud of the example they were setting.”

Not only has this program developed leadership opportunities for older students, but it has given younger students a sense of belonging. Older students reach out to the elementary students in the hallways and at lunches and assemblies. 

“One day after we met for the first time, a first grade student was walking in the hall with me. We passed an older student who spoke to him. The first grader said, ‘He knows my name!’” Carrico said.

This program also involves parents, since some challenges involve family interaction and students can earn points. For the month of September, students were to complete an act of kindness. Families joined together for activities such as taking cookies to neighbors, preparing a meal for a widow, and helping a neighbor bring their trash can and recycling bin back to their house weekly.  

“This was my dream for the program the entire time," Carrico continued. "I wanted to develop a family culture within the school and then also to help families get involved in the challenges at home. All of this then spills over into the community as the challenges involve loving others.”

Published 05:43 AM, Saturday Sep. 15, 2018
Updated 05:53 PM, Tuesday Sep. 11, 2018

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