City Commission Approves New Recreation Facility
By Easton Sanders
PADUCAH - At Tuesday's meeting, Paducah city commissioners wasted no time moving forward on plans for a future recreation facility.

After the successful joint meeting between the city and county on Monday afternoon, the commission voted at their meeting Tuesday, to unanimously approve the project which will be orchestrated by Lose & Associates, Inc. for $1,120,800 for the design and construction management services for a new indoor recreation and aquatics facility.

The president and CEO of Lose Design, Chris Camp, was in attendance. Camp said, "We have an aggressive schedule in order to get construction started in the next fiscal year."

His team plans to be in Paducah on September 4 to begin the design process of the facility. 

The project is part of Paducah's 'Strategic plan', and is also part of their 'What's Important Now' initiatives.

Published 09:03 PM, Tuesday Aug. 27, 2019
Updated 02:09 AM, Monday Sep. 02, 2019

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