City Commission Discusses New Recreation Facility
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - At Tuesday's Paducah City Commission meeting, two ordinances were introduced related to the new indoor recreation and aquatic center, which is part of the city's strategic plan as a 'What's Important Now' initiative. 

The facility, which will be located at Noble Park, is in the design phase. The bidding process is expected to begin next spring, and construction is expected to begin in the late summer or early fall of 2020.

The first ordinance the commission introduced amended section 106-126 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances which would raise the city's insurance premium tax from 6% to 7%. This change would become effective July 1, and if approved, the city would begin receiving the additional revenue in October of 2020. The increase would generate approximately $700,000 in additional annual revenue, and would be put towards paying off the bond for the new recreation facility.

The second ordinance introduced would authorize a general obligation bond in the amount of $22 million for the indoor recreation and aquatic center. The 20-year bond includes the cost of construction and equipping the facility.

City Commissioner Brenda McElroy believes the new facility will be great for the community. "We need to be more active, we need to give kids better opportunities, we need places for therapy for some of us as we're getting older that is healthy, like water aerobics and swimming." McElroy said. "It will be a place for the community just to come and enjoy being together. I think this is something that's really going to up our game and make us a place more people want to be."

The commission also approved an ordinance which approved a new inter-local cooperative agreement in the amount of $13,335 with the McCracken County Property Valuation Administration. The funds will go towards helping the PVA hire additional part time staff to complete inspections of the properties that had not been properly assessed years prior.

Published 11:15 PM, Tuesday Nov. 12, 2019
Updated 04:53 AM, Thursday Nov. 14, 2019

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