City Commission Introduces Inmate Work Ordinance
By Easton Sanders
PADUCAH - At Tuesday's Paducah City Commission meeting, an ordinance was introduced to create a contract with McCracken County Jail, and Planning Director Tammara Tracy gave a presentation on Paducah's Opportunity Zones.

The ordinance was introduced for a Memorandum of Agreement between the City of Paducah and McCracken County jail. The agreement would allow for Class D inmates to participate in a work program with the City.

If the ordinance passes, inmates would be able to work six days a week from 8 am until 4 pm, cleaning and maintaining the City under the supervision of law enforcement. Under the ordinance the City would also provide training and equipment for the use of a 15-passenger van for the workers to use.

City Commissioner Brenda McElroy shared her excitement over the ordinance.

"I'm really excited about this because we have some needs out there in terms of taking care of the city, litter pickup, sprucing the city up in terms of landscape and the downtown as we approach quilts week." McElroy continued, "I'm super excited about this, we've done this in the past and I think it's been really effective and I'm really happy we're doing it again."

The agreement would begin March 1 and last through November 30. The ordinance would automatically be renewed until the agreement was terminated by either the jail or the Commission. The ordinance will be up for a vote on February 25.

During the meeting, Planning Director, Tammara Tracy, gave a presentation to the Commission on Paducah's two Opporunity Zones, and spoke about the Prospectus of Projects booklet.

The Opportunity Zones are economic development tools to promote investment in communities that need it most, through legislation enacted with the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

New investments within an Opportunity Zone could be eligible for special tax advantages. Paducah's two Opportunity Zones were selected by the state and are located in the northern and downtown areas of the city.

In an effort to make Paducah's Opportunity Zones stand out to potential investors, the City developed the Prospectus of Projects booklet which gives an overview of the community and features six projects.

You can learn more about the Opportunity Zones and download the Prospectus of Projects at the link below.

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Published 10:00 PM, Tuesday Feb. 11, 2020
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