City Considers Expanded Sunday Microbrewery Sales
By Adam Morton
PADUCAH, KY - On Tuesday, the Paducah Board of Commissioners introduced an amendment to a city ordinance that would allow microbreweries with the appropriate licenses to sell malt beverages by the drink and package on Sundays. 

Currently, Paducah's microbreweries cannot serve alcoholic beverages without a restaurant license. Only one of the two microbreweries in Paducah has restaurant status.

If the amendment is passed it would allow the microbrewery without restaurant status, and any other future microbreweries to be open on Sunday from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.

City Manager Jeff Pederson said that although the main point of the amendment is to allow Sunday sales, there is more than that. "It would also allow customer to take beer out of there, which is commonly done in a growler," Pederson said.   

City Commissioner Sandra Wilson brought the change to the board of  commissioners. Wilson said one of the breweries mentioned that if they could be open on Sunday, they would . Wilson said, "We started looking into it; if it was something we could approve locally and it is."  

Wilson said she was glad to see the added tourism.  

Mayor Brandi Harless is also looking forward to the impact on tourism and the local impact. "Microbreweries have been a big tourism pull for us, and also just a local kind of hangout thing," Harless said.

The  final vote will take place at the next scheduled meeting of the City Commission.      

Published 10:00 PM, Tuesday Mar. 14, 2017
Updated 09:26 PM, Wednesday Mar. 15, 2017

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