City Releases Fire Safety Checklist for Businesses
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - As many local businesses prepare to reopen, the City of Paducah is reminding business owners about fire safety. 

The city released the following fire safety check tip sheet Monday to help ensure businesses are ready to open: 
- Make sure your fire alarm system is functioning, up to date on inspections and has no trouble, supervisory or alarm signals. 

- Be sure your commercial cooking equipment is clean, the suppression system is up to date on inspections and the pull stations are accessible and not physically damaged. 

- Check all fire extinguishers.  Make sure they are not physically damaged, in the proper places and not blocked. 

- Verify that all doors are operable, not damaged, and are not blocked for use. 

- Make sure emergency and exit lights are working properly, that they are visible and properly illuminated. 

- Do not use extension cords as a permanent power source. 

- Review your emergency and exit plans with all staff.  Be sure all exit paths are unobstructed. 

- Do not prop open any fire rated doors. 

- Verify that the fire department access is unobstructed. 

- Hand sanitizers and alcohol-based hand rubs need to be stored and managed safely. 

- Be sure your address is visible from the street. 
If you need further information or have questions please give the Fire Prevention office a call at 270-444-8522.

Published 07:17 AM, Monday May. 18, 2020
Updated 07:51 PM, Monday May. 18, 2020



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