Clymer: Democratic Party 'Left Me Behind'
By Tim Brockwell
PADUCAH - McCracken County Judge Executive Craig Clymer has changed his party affiliation.

Clymer officially switched from Democrat to Republican on Monday. He sent a letter last week announcing his plans to Republican leaders. 

Clymer said Tuesday in an interview that the Democratic party has "left him behind", and no longer represents his views on many issues.

"I do think the Republican Party has the momentum," Clymer said. "It's doing what needs to be done for our community, our state, as well as the country. These radicals that are running for national political office in the Democratic party and their socialist ideals are just, to me, really extreme." He said.

Clymer said he had been thinking about changing his affiliation for some time, citing what he calls his conservative traditional views as motivating factors in his decision to switch parties. He specifically noted the state's pension crisis as a reason for the change.

"I spoke with [Governor Bevin] not too long ago about the pension crisis. He's really the only one I see out front that's trying to stand up and do something about the pension that's really crippling the cities and counties, including Paducah and McCracken." Clymer said.

"The Democratic Party does not represent what I believe in, and the Republican Party does more closely. It just made sense to make that move." He added.

Clymer served as McCracken County Circuit Court judge for 17 years before retiring and running unopposed as a Democrat in November for the Judge Executive position.

You can read his letter at the link below.

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Clymer's Letter

Published 09:43 AM, Tuesday Jun. 18, 2019
Updated 09:19 AM, Wednesday Jun. 19, 2019

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