County Approves Election Day Alcohol Sales
By Adam Morton
PADUCAH, KY - At Monday's McCracken County Fiscal Court meeting, commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance to allow alcohol sales on election day.

Even though the Kentucky state legislature has already lifted a statewide ban, the previous Fiscal Court left the ban in place in McCracken County. Judge Executive Bob Leeper said he was approached about the issue not too long after the election.

The new ordinance allows alcohol sales in the county from 6 am until 6 pm on Election Day for general, primary and local elections.

Commissioner Bill Bartleman said, "Alcohol Sales are are allowed in the city of Paducah, and that's where most of the bars and alcohol is sold. It becomes a matter of fairness."

Kentucky was the second-to-last state to lift the ban on alcohol sales on Election Day. The long-time ban was in place from a time when saloons doubled as polling places, and votes were once bought with booze. As polling place locations changed, the state lifted the ban.

Published 09:00 PM, Monday Oct. 10, 2016
Updated 05:53 AM, Wednesday Oct. 12, 2016

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