Deputy Sheriff's Tornado Experience-A Close Call
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MCCRACKEN COUNTY - The tornado that struck western McCracken County on Thursday proved to be an extremely close call for McCracken County Deputy Sheriff, Sergeant Ryan Willcutt.

Sgt. Willcutt responded to the US 62-Blandville Road area of western McCracken County on Thursday morning when a tornado warning was issued.

Several deputies also responded to other areas in the western part of the county, basically to provide protection and do whatever might be necessary in such an emergency.

Sgt. Willcutt told West Kentucky Star that he decided to pull into the parking lot of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, and at the time, did not see anything that looked all that bad. He heard a report that the tornado was heading toward Gage, so he thought he would be fine where he was.

He then said that he noticed a large funnel cloud drop down and started pulling up trees, and then power poles along Blandville Road. His estimate was that he was 300 yards from the funnel, but because of the fast movement, he was unable to get his car out of the way.

His description was "everything was gray, and the car was being constantly hit by debris which sounded like it was being pounded by a bat or sledge hammer." He also said the passenger side windows blew out and he put his head down hoping to protect himself.

When the funnel passed, he was able to start his car and move closer to the church. He said he went inside to check on those present and found that much of the roof had been ripped off.

Sheriff Matt Carter mentioned the fact that Sgt. Willcutt had been in harms way in an effort to help others.

Sgt. Willcutt's experience is an example of how quickly conditions can deteriorate when dealing with a tornado, and extreme caution should be taken in such situations.

Published 02:03 PM, Friday Mar. 15, 2019
Updated 10:21 AM, Saturday Mar. 16, 2019

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