Design May Change Again for Water Tower Project
By Tim Brockwell
PADUCAH - The design for a proposed water tower banner project off I-24 near Confederate Flag Park in Paducah may still not be finalized, after some in the community have complained that the current design does not follow proper flag protocol.

McCracken County Judge Executive Craig Clymer says his office got some criticism after releasing the original banner design, which featured two people with different skin tones shaking hands in front of an American flag. He said several people, including veterans, complained that it isn't proper to obscure the flag with any image directly in front of it.

In the second and most recent design the two hands still appear, but this time they are between two flags. Clymer said many people, including Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless, have approved of the updated concept, but it has already garnered some criticism as well.

"Somebody is saying they think I am flying the flag upside down." He said.

Clymer said he wants to make sure the design inspires a feeling of unity and togetherness, and steers away from anything that might incite divisiveness.

"I don't want it to be controversial, I just want it to be positive. I may change it again. The idea is the handshake. That's really the focal point." Clymer said.

Right now there are two possibilities being explored, according to Clymer. One involves a separate banner being joined to the tower with adhesive. The other, more costly yet long lasting option involves painting a mural directly onto the tower.

"[Painting it onto the tower] would be more expensive up front, but you would get two to three times the life of the art if we actually paint it on the tank. Clymer said.

Whatever form the final banner design might take, Clymer says it will be a while until the project becomes a reality. Not only must the county come up with the estimated $25,000 the project will cost, but scheduled maintenance on the tower will have to be completed before any of the work can begin.

"Either way, the Paducah Water people tell me that tower is on the list to be sand blasted and painted. They said that within a few months that is scheduled, so we've got to wait for that." He said.

Clymer says he hasn't yet begun formally soliciting donations for the project, but so far about $2,500 has been raised. 

Published 04:39 PM, Wednesday May. 20, 2020
Updated 04:05 PM, Thursday May. 21, 2020



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