Dogwood Banner Marks Arrival of 50th Spring Trail
By Ro Morse
PADUCAH, KY - Dogwood blossoms may not be open yet, but plans to welcome their arrival are all coming together.

This week the City Street Department hung the new 30' X 5' Dogwood Trail banner over Broadway at 7th Street. The welcoming burst of springtime color is the product of a collective venture by the Visitors Bureau, AQS and the Civic Beautification Board. You can't miss it and the colorful dogwood pole banners as you continue down Broadway, all the way to the river. The AQS banner stretches over Broadway between Water Street and 2nd Street celebrating the 30th Annual Quilt Week in Paducah.

It's not coincidence that the pole banners are the same design as the Dogwood Trail signs all around town. Designed years ago by Bonnie Browning, AQS Quilt Show Director, the design combines quilts and dogwoods in a most unique pattern. When these signs go up along and over Broadway, spring is here and it's only a matter of days until dogwoods and quilts welcome thousands of visitors as Paducah's population doubles.  

This spring marks the 50th year that Paducah will celebrate the arrival of spring with its ten-mile lighted Dogwood Trail, leading interested viewers from neighborhood to neighborhood. "It's all coming together beautifully," says Dogwood Trail Chairman, Dabney Haugh. "The extra cold winter and chilly evening temps appear to be helping hold the blossoms until at least mid-April. Historically, mid-April is the norm for dogwoods to come into full bloom. There's only one thing for sure when it comes to the timing of their opening. They will open and it's totally out of our control."
With that said, there are plans for several specific events connected to the blooming of the dogwoods and the traditional trail
April 1-June 27
Dogwood Art on Exhibit as part of the Mayor's Art Club - City Hall.
April 11th
Dogwood/Quilt Downtown Window Decorating Contest-judging by the Paducah School of Art
April 12th
Dogwood Tree Sale at Blooms n Gardens, Eads, Edwards Nursery, James Sanders Nursery, Montgomery Gardens and Wahl's
April 13th
Dogwood Trail Bike Ride organized by BikeWorld.
April 14th
Awarding of the Quilt/Dogwood Downtown Window Decorating Contest, sponsored by Paducah Bank, AQS, Visitors Bureau and Civic Beautification.
April 21
Community Tour of the Dogwood Trail, starting at City Hall, drawing for free dogwood trees, planting of new dogwoods at Dolly McNutt Plaza
April 22 
Dogwood Trail Reception at 4:45 pm in City Hall and presentation of Lighted Dogwood Trail and Dogwood Art Contest awards at the City Commission meeting at 5:30 pm.
April 23-26
Quilt Week in Paducah - 30th Annual AQS Show and Contest 

"The media will announce the specific evening for judging the lighted Dogwood Trail. It all depends on when they come into full bloom." says Chairman Haugh. We anticipate it will be shortly before Easter. Between now and then - Light Up Paducah! Shine for the 50th!"  

Published 07:38 PM, Saturday Apr. 05, 2014
Updated 06:28 AM, Monday Apr. 07, 2014

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