Dogwoods Looking to Bloom in a Couple of Weeks
By Ro Morse
PADUCAH, KY - This time last year Paducah was in full bloom with dogwoods and most all spring bloomers wide open and showing off. This year is a whole different situation. Days above 70 degrees have been few and far between this March and the dogwood buds are holding off .

Kathy Keeney, a certified arborist who lives on Jefferson, right in the middle of early and late blooming dogwoods, has this to say on Good Friday, "The blooms should begin to open during the second week of April - our unseasonably cool spring has held them off and will delay our usual dogwood bloom, but only by a small amount. The buds on my tree are not yet beginning to open, but are swelling and starting to show faint signs of color change -which generally occurs about 7 to 10 days before bloom. Since our indicator plants, mainly Bradford pears, are not blooming yet, this means we have easily 7 - 10 days before our earliest Cornus Floridas begin to pop, plenty of time to spruce up the yard and light our landscapes for the many visitors we'll have who are anxious to enjoy Spring on the Dogwood Trail."

Dabney Haugh, Dogwood Trail Co-Chairman commented, "Continuous warm weather is the key. We can only guess when the dogwoods will bloom by looking at extended forecasts and comparing to other trees that are starting to blossom. One thing we can count on, the dogwoods will bloom and they will be beautiful."

With all that in mind, the Civic Beautification Board's 49th Annual Dogwood Trail Committee is planning to judge trees between the 14th and 21st of April. The media will let everyone know exactly what evening that will be as the blooming gets closer. 

Remember, "Light Up Paducah! Company's Coming!" It's probable this year that the dogwoods will still be in their glory when Paducah's population doubles during Quilt Week-April 21-27. 

Published 07:52 AM, Friday Mar. 29, 2013
Updated 11:17 AM, Saturday Mar. 30, 2013

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