Gericke Named WKCTC Teacher of Year
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH, KY - At a program Wednesday, West Kentucky Community and Technical College announced the winner of 2013 Teacher of the Year - Dr. Kevin Gericke.

The event was hosted by Dr. Tena Payne, Vice President of Academic Affairs, with Student Government Association President Amber'Lee Douglas. After announcing Division Leaders - top vote getters in seven academic categories, Gericke was announced as the winner, accompanied by a round of whoops and a standing ovation from those in the Student Center.

Gericke, a professor of Economics and Statistics, previously received the award in 2009. He holds a master’s degree and doctorate in resource economics from Virginia Tech.

The expression on his face confirmed his opening comment when he said, "This was not expected." He added that he was humbled to be in the midst of the other faculty who were nominated.

In accepting the honor, Gericke commented on the continual process of learning, even for a teacher. He acknowledged that he learns every day from his fellow instructors and from the students, too.

"I believe that when we stop learning, we stop growing and we stop moving forward. I'm just thankful that I can use the gifts that were given to me, so that I can come to school every day, I love coming to work. I love being part of this institution, and again, thank you very much," Gericke said.

To be eligible for Teacher of the Year, a faculty member must hold the rank of Assistant Professor or above, and have been a member of the teaching faculty for at least 3 years.

Students determined every step of the process, sending in 144 nominations for a total of 48 teachers. A total of 229 students voted online for the one they felt deserved it most, with Gericke winning the award.

This year, the Student Government Association began honoring top vote getters in academic areas. Division Leaders for 2013 are:

Allied Health and Personal Services - David Heflin
Applied Technologies - Stephanie Milliken
Business and Computer-Related Technologies - Dr. Kevin Gericke
Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences - Norita Youngblood
Nursing - Rhanda Miller, Vanessa Norwood-McGregor
Science and Mathematics - Karen Hlinka
Transition Education - Pat Holler

WKCTC has been recognized by the Aspen Institute two consecutive years as one of the top 10 community colleges in the nation. Their recognition comes as a result of excellence in providing strong job training and continuing higher education, achieving high completion and transfer rates, and providing strong employment results for graduates.

Published 02:52 PM, Wednesday Apr. 24, 2013
Updated 03:45 PM, Thursday Apr. 25, 2013

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