Jail Classes Reap Benefits for Former Inmates
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MCCRACKEN COUNTY - The McCracken County Jail's recent educational opportunities have apparently benefited those who have participated.  

In May of 2019, McCracken County Jail graduated its first welding class. Since then several other classes have been introduced including HVAC, electrical and a deckhand course. 

Jailer David Knight said 33 inmates graduated from these courses and 17 inmates have obtained their GED while in jail. 

Of the 33 inmates who have graduated, 16 have been released from jail, and all 16 have obtained employment and were functioning in society. Due to COVID-19, four of them were laid off, but Knight says none of the 16 have been re-incarcerated.

The goal of these courses has been for the person who leaves jail to be in a better position than when they were incarcerated. 

Knight reminded everyone that no tax dollars are spent on these programs.

Published 03:18 AM, Sunday Aug. 09, 2020
Updated 10:29 PM, Friday Aug. 07, 2020



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