KSP Issues Warning About Counterfeit Bills
By The Associated Press
WESTERN KENTUCKY - State police have issued a warning about counterfeit bills being circulated in western Kentucky.

According to Trooper Corey King, Independence Bank says several $100 and $20 counterfeit bills have been accepted by businesses in Daviess, Webster, and McCracken counties.

Police said in a statement that the fake bills are very realistic, but they are all marked on the back "for motion picture use only."

Similar complaints were made in Lexington late last year. Police there issued a warning in December that several counterfeit bills had been passed in recent weeks that looked real but were marked "for motion picture use only."

Anyone with information about counterfeit money is asked to contact police.

Published 05:40 AM, Tuesday Feb. 14, 2017
Updated 05:43 AM, Tuesday Feb. 14, 2017

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