Kaler, Newberry Speak at Chamber Breakfast
By Tim Johnson
PADUCAH, KY - The monthly Power in Partnership Breakfast took place Thursday at the Julian Carroll Convention Center, and featured the state of the city and county addresses.

More than 400 people attended Thursday morning's meeting for breakfast, fellowship with others and to hear the speakers, Paducah Mayor Gayle Kaler and McCracken County Judge Executive Van Newberry.

Newberry spoke mostly on how much money has been saved through an active change in planning and efficiency through his office. He said that over 1 million dollars has been saved.

Mayor Kaler spoke briefly on general improvement plans to be made in Paducah, from general construction plans, to street and building Ideas. She also talked about her support for the arts district of Paducah, and how she wants the city to be recognized as a thriving art location that is not only inspirational and creative, but also culturally aware.

The main topic discussed by both Kayler and Newberry however, was the building and design of a new Paducah School of Art and Design campus, which is to be a new addition to West Kentucky Community and Technical College. Six million dollars has been requested for funding this new addition. The state funding request will match 2 million raised locally to renovate a building currently owned by the college to re-purpose it for the new campus.

Published 01:15 PM, Thursday Jan. 09, 2014
Updated 06:06 PM, Thursday Jan. 09, 2014

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