'Learn to Fly' Class Tuesday in Paducah
By Candice Freeland
PADUCAH, KY - As it turns out, the term 'sky miles' is not part of aviation terminology. That's strictly for us consumers. The FAA is concerned about hours in the air. That information is useful for a number of reasons, including aircraft maintenance schedules. Some people already knew that-but not everyone. That's why activities like Discovery Flights, and classes like 'Learning to Fly' are so much fun.

Also, did you know that when you taxi down a runway, you should guide the plane with your feet? The author of this story didn't know that until Saturday, when Don Hodgson, a private pilot and Captain at the Paducah Police Department, guided a Discovery Flight at Midwest Aviation in Paducah. It's difficult to not use one's hands to guide a plane since that's what we do everyday in our vehicles. But if you do this while taxiing with Capt. Hodgson, he'll tell you to "sit on your hands". It's a strange and intriguing feeling, guiding a plane with one's feet.

Once in the air, it's a perspective that anyone who has flown can appreciate. It's fascinating, relaxing, and an adrenaline rush all at the same time. 

The author asked Capt. Hodgson to fly over Lovelaceville Road in McCracken County. So we did.

Anyone who has thought about learning to fly a plane may want to consider attending a class Tuesday night at Midwest Aviation in Paducah. The class will be from 7:00-9:00. Information will be shared about what to expect during the course of obtaining a private pilot's license. Learning materials will be available for purchase. Refreshments will be provided as well.
During the course, students will learn and be tested on such subjects as risk management and critical thinking. These skills are crucial when faced with situations such as what to do should engine power be lost. 

Is there a lot to learn? Absolutely. But the sense of serenity and awe that comes from being in the air is enough to make one consider it.  

Published 05:45 PM, Monday Apr. 08, 2013
Updated 06:04 AM, Wednesday Apr. 10, 2013

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