Light Up, Paducah! Dogwood Judging Tonight
By Ro Morse
PADUCAH, KY - The Dogwoods and most all springtime bloomers are nearing their prime so let's “Light Up, Paducah! Company’s Coming!" Judging for Paducah's most beautiful and most beautifully lighted dogwoods will be this evening both on and off the official 49th annual Dogwood Trail. 

If you are lighting a dogwood/s OFF the main trail, be sure to call 270-519-1321 and a Civic Beautificaiton Board member will come by to take a look after 7:30 this evening. If you've just mowed, this will be the final time this season to place those spotlitghts. Paducah appreciates the beauty of your efforts. THANK YOU!
Paducah’s Civic Beautification Board is once again partnering with Boy Scout Troop #1's Flag Fundraiser to encourage flying American Flags during this year’s 49th Annual Dogwood Trial Celebration. Flags are up now along the trail.

Paducah’s 12-mile Dogwood Trail leads from neighborhood to neighborhood. Post cards were mailed in March reminding all on the trail to “Light Up”. Dogwoods are in full bloom - leaves and all.....which us unusual. Usually the blooms show all by themselves and then are replaced by the leaves. An extra dry growing season last year and crazy up and down temps this spring have brought the blooms AND leaves out simultaneously.  

Trail signs are up and will remain up through the month of April. 
Judging of lighted dogwoods will take place this evening, April 21st and may possibly extend into Monday evening, April 22nd.

CBB will present both ON and OFF Trail awards at the beginning of the Tuesday, April 23rd City Commission Meeting with a reception at City Hall (5:30 pm) prior to the meeting. Walk, bike or drive the trail – beautiful day and night.

A map of Paducah’s Dogwood Trail is online on the Visitors Bureau website:

Thank you to Blooms & Gardens, Eads, Edwards, James Sanders Lawn & Garden, Montgomery Gardens and Wahl’s for their recent dogwood tree sale benefiting the Children’s Memorial Garden in Noble Park. Last year and this year over 180 dogwoods were sold during the combined one-day sales.
In preparation for the 50-year celebration of Paducah’s Dogwood Trail, join us to encourage planting new trees to replace those lost in the ice storm and last summer’s drought. Best to plant now and late fall. Dogwoods thrive under the canopy of large shade trees. They prefer morning sun.

Plans are in the works for next year’s 50th Dogwood Trail. We welcome your ideas for ways to celebrate. Call 519-1321 or 442-2163 or email: or


Published 08:20 AM, Sunday Apr. 21, 2013
Updated 12:11 PM, Monday Apr. 22, 2013