Local Gas Prices Crack $2 Barrier
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - Some local drivers did a double-take on Friday when they spotted a few Paducah gas stations posting gas for sale at 1.99 a gallon.

In fact, by Sunday gas was available at one Paducah station for as low as 1.94, and 1.97 in Benton.

The average price of gas in western Kentucky is about 2.15, which is the lowest seen here for over 18 months.

 The price break was also seen at stations in Lexington and Louisville. In fact, 19 states now report sub-$2 gas prices, which is more than 40 cents lower than this summer in Kentucky.

The national average price of gas is currently at 2.49 per gallon. In May, gas averaged 2.97 nationally. Worldwide oil prices have plummeted since the beginning of the year, and U.S. oil output is at an all time high.

Published 02:30 PM, Sunday Dec. 02, 2018
Updated 09:04 AM, Monday Dec. 03, 2018

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