Martha's Vineyard Struggling With Utility Bills
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - A local ministry with a 30-year-history of helping others in Paducah is in dire need of help from the public this summer. 

Martha's Vineyard is still helping provide meals and pantry staples to shut-ins and senior citizens, and their storeroom is stocked. But the expense of operating their kitchen and keeping their building insured has been a constant burden that gets magnified during the hot summer months. 

Kim Kershaw, who has worked with Martha Bell for over four years, told West Kentucky Star they just paid the $1,300 portion of their electric bill that is past due, but must come up with that much more money very soon in order to pay the current bill. 

Kershaw said they have shut off the air conditioning and electricity to several rooms in their building to conserve power. In fact, the dining room and offices are not using air conditioning, leaving very little power consumption during the day.

Kershaw said most of the monthly expense is from supplying 24-hour electricity for their coolers and freezers, and daily use of kitchen appliances for preparing meals. 

Ongoing expenses also include gas and water bills, fuel for vehicles that visit shut-ins, and insurance for the building and vehicles. 

Martha Bell has even had to dip into her savings account in order to pay some of the summer bills, but she's hoping the community will step up to help like they have in the past. 

Anyone is encouraged to contribute financially, with Kershaw saying every little bit will help. Volunteers are also needed to help continue their daily outreach. 

Martha's Vineyard is located at 1100 North 12th Street and their telephone number is 270-575-0021. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 8307, Paducah, KY 42002. 

Published 06:11 PM, Monday Jul. 08, 2019
Updated 09:04 PM, Tuesday Jul. 09, 2019

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