McCracken County Ready to Combat Winter Weather
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH, KY - As winter approaches, McCracken County officials are gearing up to combat ice and snow on county roads.

At Monday's McCracken County Fiscal Court meeting, County Road Engineer Randy Williams reported to commissioners that the county is prepared for the winter season.

Williams said all of their equipment has been checked and is ready, spare parts are in stock or on order in case they are needed, and 1,000 tons of salt is on hand. Williams said the crew is looking at getting some new plow blades for trucks, including carbide steel blades, which he says last about ten times longer. Standard steel blades cost about $250 but the carbide steel blades are $750. He said they would be more cost effective, and stronger blades would likely keep trucks capable of being in service longer, eliminating delays for repairs during winter weather.

As for the Maxon Road project, Williams said concrete work on curbs, gutters and driveways has been done, but weather has slowed them down a little. He reported that a base layer of asphalt will be laid before winter, so the road will be easier to maintain if snow or ice accumulates. 

Williams also reminded the Fiscal Court that a training session simulating an active shooter situation will be held Tuesday at the Emergency Management and Road Department, with the help of the Sheriff's Department.

Published 10:37 AM, Tuesday Nov. 14, 2017
Updated 08:53 PM, Tuesday Nov. 14, 2017

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